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The areas that I focus on in relation to physical performance are:
  • Strength Plays a vital role within football due its repeated back and forth nature. A player must be able to perform frequent maximal efforts of power under pressure and physical presence against any opposition.
  • Speed In both training and match scenarios is crucial to the success of a footballer. The ability to accelerate off the line and maintain high speed running are both crucial in all areas of football.
  • Agility Is crucial to success in football performance due to frequent changes of direction at high speeds. Agility relates to the performance of repeated angular movements when accelerating,, decelerating and controlling the body when turning on a line and performing multi-planer movements
  • Conditioning Relates to aerobic and anaerobic fitness; crucial to athletes regarding sustained performance, injury avoidance and repeated bouts of maximal effort. Overall conditioning can increase effective performance on and off the pitch.
  • Movement skills When developing movement skills it is important to follow and reinforce a good technical model. This will ensure no faulty patterns are being re-inforced during learning the movements. In addition, training becomes safer due to a reduced risk of injury from poor movement technique

By completely understand these areas your physical knowledge will help the individualised development of each of your players and the success of your team

These five areas greatly affect all playing positions and will ultimately determine the standard at which a footballer plays. Due to the repeated back and forth sprinting nature of football whilst under resistance from contact, it is vital that a footballer can maintain high levels within all physical areas.

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Strength, speed, agility, conditioning and movement skills training drills.
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Match winning moments begin or end with a high speed/explosive movement.

Physical Performance
Physical performance in football is widely simplified into the ability to perform our essential physical qualities.

Speed is arguably the key physical component in a footballers arsenal

Speed is arguably the key physical component in a footballers arsonal, and when it comes to training speed it is important to have an understanding of the key components surrounding speed and how they are linked to create the fast players you see within modern day football. Players like Mbappe, Rashford and Traore have all been blessed with natural speed which certainly has been a factor in their success, but their hard work both in the gym and on the pitch with the help of world class coaches has allowed them to consistently perform at an elite level time and time again.

The ‘need for speed’ has become more popular over the past 10 years with the elite game being played at a much higher intensity. The demand for explosive players has led to a shift in emphasis with many practitioners across the game rethinking their training philosophies

Before we begin prescribing training it is important to understand individual differences between athletes. If the athlete in question is weak but shows reasonable acceleration, we should focus our attention to the development of maximal STRENGTH and force output within the lower body. If the athlete accelerates slowly but is reasonably strong, we should focus on the athlete’s ability to produce that force quickly (SPEED)

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