Athletic Development Support for Young Footballers

As a company we provide athletic development, sports science and strength & conditioning  support to professional football club academies.  Over the last 10 years we have worked with 46 out of the 92 academies (over 8,000 players)

Using the knowledge and experience we have gained regarding the athletic development of young footballers, we have developed a NEW training app, alongside an exercise library and  training plan software package to help enhance the athletic  development of all young footballers.

What the Software Provides

Training App 

Exercise Library

Create/Edit/Assign Training Plans

Pro Football Support's team have done an excellent job in creating this range of training plan and exercise library software to aid the athletic development of all young footballers

Matt Portas - Lead physical educator at The FA



How the Software  Works

As an individual are you keen to work on your athletic & skill development for football. Access the online software - training plans, training diary & training app which enables you to select the following age specific programmes
  • Football specific athletic development programmes - faster, stronger, more agile or improve conditioning
  • Football skill development programmes
  • Athletic movement skill programmes
  • Corrective training programmes

Price is £2.75 per month

Individual Player

Football Coach

Coach, Sports Scientist, S & C Coach or physiotherapist

Are you a football coach keen to provide individualised athletic and skill development training programmes quickly and easily to each of your players.  Access the online software - training plans, training diary, exercise library and training app. You then select the programmes which are then added to the training app for each individual player
  • Football specific athletic development programmes - faster, stronger, more agile or improve conditioning
  • Football skill development programmes
  • Athletic movement skill programmes
  • Corrective training programmes

Prices range from £0.90 to £2.80 p/player p/month

Are you a coach, sports scientist, S & C coach or physiotherapist who would like to be able to provide or undertake the following:
  • Easily assign training plans to each of your players - PDF or training app
  • Either create your own training plans or amend existing training plans (600 existing plans)
  • Use the existing library (800 exercises) or create your own exercise library
  • Add your own exercises (photo's/video's) to the training app
  • Assign training plans which are maturation specific
  • Access the training diary for each player
  • Create your own gym based training app enabling your players to view on a tablet the exercises you would like them to undertake in the gym

Prices range from £1.20 to £5.50 p/player p/month


Train at home, in the gym or on the go/Train Anywhere

  • Add your own exercises with the online software on PC or any mobile device
  • Create gym sessions, set training homework and more which your players can easily view on a tablet or mobile phone

This software functionality means that you can:

  • Create Your Own Training Plans (using your own Client Library or existing Exercise Library)
  • Edit Default Plans (600 plans to choose from)
  • View Exercise Progressions (from default Exercise Library)
  • Assign Training Plans (quickly and easily assign plans individual players on the app)
  • Automatic Plan Update (every 6 weeks)
  • Printable PDF’s (of all training plans)

Athlete Training Diary

Pro Football Support

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If you require any further information please contact Guy Parkin @

Guy Parkin
I have worked in professional football for over the last 20 years and I am really pleased to now be able to provide this training plan, exercise library & training app software. My team of highly qualified sports scientists and strength and conditioning coaches have worked extremely hard to develop this athletic development software for football.


Business Owner, UEFA A Licence Coach, MSc Sport & Exercise Science

The exercise library provides:

  • 800 built in exercise videos in 3 categories (corrective/preparation exercises, movement skills and sport specific athletic development)
  • 600  built in age and maturation specific training plans
  • User client library to create, upload and add your own exercises

The online diary software allows you to:

  • Access Individual Player Training Diaries (individual or multiple)
  • View Completed Training (completed sets per exercise)
  • Compare Players Adherence (weekly or monthly)
  • View Completed Exercises Individually (shows the individual exercises and diary information per plan)

As a company we work with all the Category 1 & Premier League Academies

As a company we have worked with 35 of the English Football League Category 2/3 Academies