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High performance football focuses on the following three areas. The PFS team are highly qualified in each performance field and understand how to promote achievement by supporting your success , and help you achieve your challenges

Football/Game Intelligence
Gain an insight into underpinning knowledge around technical/tactical football intelligence

Physical Performance
Key information pertaining to the physical side of football.
Academy Football – learn more about movement skills, speed, agility, endurance and maturational specific qualities
Senior Football – How to achieve the maximum physical benefits of all your players in all your formations

Football Innovation
Innovation is crucial in football as it allows teams to establish a competitive advantage over their opponents
Our football innovation focuses on the following areas: Set Pieces, Tactical Flexibility, Setting Triggers and Managing External Pressure

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A mentor is someone you can rely upon for guidance, they can provide you the opportunity and experiences needed to progress and develop your own abilities. Mentors can be a positive inclusion in your own growth and personal success within your life or career, whereby you are exposed to a background that far exceeds your own in terms of life and professional experience.

We can help you better understand your weaknesses to amplify your greatest strengths. The areas we focus on are technical, tactical, physical and mental

Learn how to better manage your players and help them develop whilst understanding their individual needs, performance and maturational information. The areas we focus on regarding your players are technical, tactical, physical and mental

Learn to understand the importance of relationships, dealing with problems and building team cohesion

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Guy delivers a motivational talk , which is aimed for all people (not just football people) to achieve their maximum potential. The talk focuses on the following areas

Achieve Your Goals
People who have reached some level of success know that the secret behind achieving goals is not in what you do to achieve them, but what you do when you fail – you keep trying. And if that doesn’t work, well, you try yet another approach and on it goes.

Inspire performance
This enables individuals and teams to feel, think and act differently for the correct reasons, enhancing personal performance, maximising team synergy and enabling leaders to create a winning culture which continues to exist.

Motivation for Success
Success can be acquired by those determined to work hard and have the mindset of a champion. Champions have the ability to cope with set backs and obstacles, but also have the strong will to succeed and overcome any failures that come in their way

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