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Player Profiling
Inspire Development

The player profiling tool has been developed to provide the following.

When clicking player profile page you can easily access the excel form which gives you a very quick 3 click process to add player profiling information.

U9-u11 age groups within 3 clicks rate your players relating to Ball mastery, twisting & turning, receiving & releasing & 1 v 1 attacking.

U12-U14 age groups within 3 clicks rate your players linked to positions, when you access the position it provides 4 sections to focus on.

Eg u14 – Central Midfield Player

  • Receiving (receiving to play forward, front foot receiving, back foot receiving, receiving with studs, receiving with inside of foot, outside of foot, receiving to protect)
  • Passing (quality of short passing, quality of longer passing, quality of passing with inside of foot, outside of foot and using laces)
  • 1 v 1 attacking (skill to beat players, twisting & turning quality, forward movement quality, shooting ability)
  • Pressing, Tacking & Recovery (ability to press opposition player, ability to tackle, ability to make recovery runs)

Once you access the the area click rating out of 10. Add additional comments if you require

U12-u14 players you can also rate athletic and psychological development

U15-u21 age groups within 3 clicks rate your players linked to positions with a little more detail added (tactical detail also added)

With the u15-u21 age groups you have the ability to rate technical, tactical, athletic/physical and psychological areas

The tool provides the ability to access players in squads or form an individual perspective