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Skill Development Homework
Achieve Great Skill
PFS 11 wants to help your players develop their technical skills. Often, whilst coaches are highly skilled in player development, they simply do not have the contact time with their players to delve into individual ball work. PFS 11 offers UEFA qualified coaching sessions which allows players to train in a small area and develop key areas relative to their playing position away from their normal training schedule.
Don’t worry you’re still the coach! Link the player profiling section, consider their weakness and choose a development programme. Evaluate their improvements over the next bi-weekly review.

U7-u11 age groups we focus on the following areas for these age groups

  • Ball mastery
  • Twisting & turning
  • Receiving & releasing
  • 1 v 1 attacking

U12-u14 age groups we focus on the following areas for these age groups

Eg u14 – Central Midfield Player

  • A. Receiving (receiving to play forward, front foot receiving, back foot receiving, receiving with studs, receiving with inside of foot, outside of foot, receiving to protect)
  • B. Twisting & Turning (playing with your back to the opponent, protecting the ball and finding a way to play forwards using fakes and fiends
  • C. Passing (short passing with both feet (off the inside and the outside, driven passing)
  • D. Shooting (Power shooting from outside the box)