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Athletic Profiling
Achieve Performance

The Athletic profiling individual physical reports contains data including Speed across 5/10/20 and 30m distances, 505 Agility scores, Impulse momentum and flight time using VALD Force decks, an Intermittent Recovery Test, Anthropometrics and finally, a series of Functional Movement Screening assessments.

The reports themselves are complex in nature but simple in their execution. These comparisons are then assigned a % deviance based off well-established thresholds of performance.

The resulting report produces a very simple colour-coded output whereby any players physical attributes can be summarised as “Good”, “Ok”, “Could Improve” or “Needs Work”. Improvement or deterioration of performance is clearly displayed with small arrow marks next to each individual data piece.

Lastly, every report automatically produces and assigns a corrective and movement-based training plan based on the athletes individual scores, these plans can be used alongside training and as homework for the athletes to bring up any areas which may be suffering.