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About Us

Welcome to Pro Football Support the leader in athletic development for young football players ranging from u6 to u21 years of age.

Pro Football Support was founded in 2009 by Guy Parkin with a vision to create individualised athletic development for young players from both a hands on and an online perspective.

Our mantra has always been how can we move away from “the one size fits all” methodology that football has previously employed to an individualised approach to young player athletic development. We firmly believe that the term “if you cannot move well without a football you will not be able to move well with a football” is so true.

Pro Football Support over the last 3 years has worked with over 3,000 young players at over 20 professional football clubs and the cornerstone of our knowledge has been gained from testing, analysing and training these young players.

What is evident is the need to treat each player as an individual especially from an athletic development perspective. Society has changed and young players do not have the fundamental movement skills that were once common 20 years ago through the academy ages of players, u9-u18.

Our ultimate goal is to produce better, young athletes. If we can help players achieve this we will be in a much stronger position to develop young, technical footballers. It is impossible to become a very good technical footballer without obtaining excellent, core movement skills.
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