Online Training Software

Using the knowledge and experience we have gained regarding the athletic development of young footballers, we have developed a NEW training app, alongside an exercise library and  training plan software package to help enhance the athletic  development of all young footballers.

Training App

Training App

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The player packages give you access to an individual training app which provides:

  • Football specific athletic development programmes – choose from Faster, Stronger, More Agile or Skill Development

  • Each app has 3 different training programmes – a corrective/preparation training plan, a movement development training plan and a football specific training plan


With the coach package you can provide individualised athletic and skill development training programmes quickly and easily to your players: 

  • Access the online software – view training plans, training diaries and more

  • Choose a program for your each of your players training apps - Faster, Stronger, More Agile or Skill Development

  • Each player’s individual app contains 3 different training programmes –corrective/preparation, movement development and football specific