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With the advent of the Elite player performance pathway player development will be reaching new levels. Allow PFS to support you all the way. Build the package that would benefit you as a club from the options shown below. Whether that is just in-club testing with the results fed back in the format you require to taking on board the whole club management system. PFS has the young player athletic development knowledge and experience plus the management tools to help you significantly as a club.

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In-club testing

As part of the Pro Team packages, PFS will undertake regular testing at your club to suit your requirements to monitor the athletic development of all the players, which enables production of individualised training plans for specific personal player development.

The extensive testing from a biomechanical and athletic perspective we do at pro clubs throughout the UK is unparalleled by any other organisation and gives us a unique insight into the development of young footballers. This research feeds our own development in the training plans, tools and resources we are constantly creating and evolving to help players and clubs alike reach their full potential.

Individual player training plans

Based on our regular in-club testing, each player is automatically assigned an individualsed training plan that updates every two weeks. The plans are constructed from 4 sections daily section (this section addresses the individuals biomechanical requirements developing efficient movement ,weekly section (this section focuses on athletic development areas relating to the biological age of the player, whether they are an early, intermediate or late developer), task section (each fortnightly plan includes a specific athletic task for the player to perform towards the end of the fortnights training plan, performing this task checks adherence to the plan) learning outcomes (structured learning outcomes relating to each training plan)
Every exercise within the plan is detailed with a video, coaching on how to complete the training, equipment required and the specific sets, reps and rest time.

The coaches and support staff can access all their player's personalised training plans in full. Simply click on the players name from the squad list and this brings up each players individual training plan in full for the coaches and support staff to make reference to.

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Personal training diary

Each player receives his own on-line training diary where  he logs his training undertaken on a day by day basis plus weekly sessions and the tasks he has completed. Any other event can also be logged in his diary. Coaches and support staff can access these player diaries online giving them a clear overview of each players weekly training activity and the success in completing their athletic tasks.

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Feedback Centre

Regular, constructive and relevant feedback is vital for effective player management and development. Our tool allows coaches to post Feedback to each player as efficiently as possible, featuring feedback on games, training and overall progress through a 6 or 12 weekly report.

The Feedback centre also allows players to reply to feedback, raise queries on points they may not understand or post personal evaluations on their own progress.

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Shared interactive diaries

The interactive diary system is designed specifically for football clubs and allows staff and players to share and publish events including training schedules, matches, staff events, and individual meetings. Privacy settings for each event means users can add events onto their own private diary, share an event with particular club members, or create events for full groups helping all staff plan around member's availability and better manage the club's calendar.

Message Centre

The Message Centre helps to ensure that communication is as easy and effective as possible between all members of a football club and allows players and staff to communicate individually and in groups.

The message centre also provides all users with notifications from the other tools, such as notifications of new feedback from the Feedback Centre, details of new events added in the interactive diary or alerts when the Training Plans are updated or when the training diary needs completing.

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Session Planner Tool

The session planner allows coaches to set up and save any number of different training drills and build up a library of training session plans for their players. With up to 6 drills per session, the tool allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop players and equipment onto a wide variety of pitch set ups before adding text, lines and arrows to clearly show how each training session should be set up and carried out. You can save, print and email your session plan directly from the tool.

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Set Play Tool

This interactive tool allows coaches to easily and quickly create detailed animations of set plays. The animations can include: player formations, any number of players runs on and off-the-ball moves by both the attaching and defending players, notes on each stage of the set play, the path of the ball and even the set play taker's signal.

Each set play can be saved into a personal set play library to be retrieved at any time and playback features include different playback speeds, pausing and frame-by-frame navigation to allow you to give players a full understanding of the details of each set play.

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Information libraries

The Pro Football support site has an extensive library of information relevant for both players and coaches. The information is divided by age group covering each stage of a young player's development and currently covers Metal Skills Development, Recovery Information and Nutrition Advice.

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