Packages for Players

Are you a player who wants to improve or a parent who wants to help their son improve. Either way not sure how to go about this?

The player package is for you whether you are u5 or u19. By signing up for this package you will receive an age appropriate athletic development plan exactly as elite young players receive at professional football clubs.
Alternatively want help from a technical, tactical and mental perspective contact Guy on to gain help on a 1 to 1 basis.

Maximise your potential-train and prepare like the best !

Price: from £9.99
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Monthly Training Plan

As a player sign up and from your date of birth we will assign you the correct training plan. Alternatively as a coach select the age group plan you would require. This age specific monthly athletic development training plan (includes football skill development section)features daily homework for developing efficient movement, 2 x weekly sessions for developing further athletic potential and a task section showing a task to be completed towards the end of the month. Each monthly plan is a development of the last months plan.

Every exercise within the plan is detailed with a video, coaching points on how to complete the exercise/drill, equipment required and the specific sets, reps and rest time.


Information libraries

The Pro Football support site has an extensive library of information relevant for both players and coaches. The information is divided by age group covering each stage of a young player's development and currently covers Metal Skills Development, Recovery Information and Nutrition Advice.

Receive the information libraries for free when signing up for any of the packages