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Build the package to suit you selecting sections from below, whether you are a football coach, sports scientist, fitness coach, S & C coach, physio, intern or student.

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Monthly Training Plan

As a player sign up and from your date of birth we will assign you the correct training plan. Alternatively as a coach select the age group plan you would require. This age specific monthly athletic development training plan (includes football skill development section)features daily homework for developing efficient movement, 2 x weekly sessions for developing further athletic potential and a task section showing a task to be completed towards the end of the month. Each monthly plan is a development of the last months plan.

Every exercise within the plan is detailed with a video, coaching points on how to complete the exercise/drill, equipment required and the specific sets, reps and rest time.


Session Planner Tool

The session planner allows coaches to set up and save any number of different training drills and build up a library of training session plans for their players. With up to 6 drills per session, the tool allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop players and equipment onto a wide variety of pitch set ups before adding text, lines and arrows to clearly show how each training session should be set up and carried out. You can save, print and email your session plan directly from the tool.

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Set Play Tool

This interactive tool allows coaches to easily and quickly create detailed animations of set plays. The animations can include: player formations, any number of players runs on and off-the-ball moves by both the attaching and defending players, notes on each stage of the set play, the path of the ball and even the set play taker's signal.

Each set play can be saved into a personal set play library to be retrieved at any time and playback features include different playback speeds, pausing and frame-by-frame navigation to allow you to give players a full understanding of the details of each set play.

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Information libraries

The Pro Football support site has an extensive library of information relevant for both players and coaches. The information is divided by age group covering each stage of a young player's development and currently covers Metal Skills Development, Recovery Information and Nutrition Advice.

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Exercise Video Library

Our exercise video library contains over 1,500 age specific exercise videos covering posture, flexibility, mobility, stability, movement awareness, balance, co-ordination and awareness, body weight and functional strength, football skill development, core stability, speed and agility (deceleration/acceleration-linear, lateral and angular, football specific), aerobic power, power and repeated sprint ability.

Our library is catalogued by age group and all the exercises have a number of progressions through different levels of difficulty. Each exercise video is accompanied by coaching points on how to complete the exercise, details of the equipment needed and suggested sets, reps and rest time.

Select the category/sections, age group or the whole library whichever would be suitable for you, your team or club.