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Training Plans
When should I carry out my training plan

You have 2 sections to your training plan

section 1 (daily training)- this should be carried out on a daily basis

section 2 (weekly training)- we provide you with 2 weekly sessions. These should be carried out on nights that you do not train at your club

What are your recommendations for training with resistance bands?

To avoid damaging or possibly tearing your bands, do not repeatedly stretch a single band greater than 1.5-2.0 metres. If you want to be able to run or stretch bands further for training purposes, link additional bands together.
Make sure you attach bands to a round edge/corner free surface. We recommend some type of metal pipe attached securely onto the wall. This will protect your bands and keep them from tearing along the edges.
Using the Band Utility Strap is a great way to make sure your bands are always protected. These are also available at our online store
To modify strength levels, attaching a band to another band will create variability in resistance as well as well as provide more movement options.
Taking bands apart after workouts will allow the latex to relax and avoid being placed under a twisting tension for a long period of time. We recommend you take apart bands after every training session.
The best way to store bands is in a hanging position. This will increase their lifespan and allow for frequent inspection.
Avoid links between bands becoming tight during training sessions by following the exercise instructions carefully and monitoring your child to avoid overstretching.  Frequently over stretching bands, whilst maintaining excellent execution of the exercise is usually an indication that your child is getting stronger and requires the next level of band.  In such circumstances please contact Pro Football Support for advice.
Do not mix different size bands when linking together.  If you want to link 2 smaller bands onto a larger band this is fine. Hooking a smaller band onto a larger band places too much tension onto the smaller band during training.
Training handles are designed to be used with red, black and purple bands. Using them with the wide green bands will require a larger clip to avoid band edges being damaged.
Always mark running distances with tape, cones or some type of visual marker. This prevents over stretching during running drills and keeps the player focused on quickness and explosiveness
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